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BBQ Hooks and More - Home of E-Z HOOK - MADE IN TEXAS and NOW in CALIFORNIA - Santa Maria Style!

The E-Z HOOK is so easy to use & will fast become your favorite and most used kitchen utensil.

Anything you can fork, you can hook. When used for cooking, in the kitchen or on the grill, just barely touch the top of your meat, turn your wrist a quarter turn, lift straight up, then lay it back down & reverse a quarter turn out of it. That's all!

Its extremely sharp, stainless steel hook doesn't penetrate enough to lose the natural juices. Unlike a fork, the meat will not fall off until you are ready to put it down, making it great for frying in a skillet (no oil splashed over you or your stove).

It is absolutely the best tool ever for frying BACON!

When using on a non-stick cooking surface, just lay the round bottom of the hook on top of the meat, tilt a little, slide it to the side until hooked, and lift.

The E-Z HOOK can also be used to get pickles, olives, or peppers out of a jar; dredging meat for double battering (eliminating pasty fingers); serving meat or fresh vegetables on your buffet or dining table; dipping strawberries, pretzels, candy in chocolate; and a dozen other uses we haven't even thought of yet (but you will!). The more you use it, the more you will wonder how you ever cooked without it.

They make really nice gifts for Christmas, business associates, hostess gifts, and any occasion for giving.

E-Z HOOK come in right or left handed, in four sizes- one for every purpose and our newest size - a super long 30" overall with a 15" handle for those really big campfires or all day cooking.

Beautiful wood handles are handcrafted in solid red oak.

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