About E-Z Hook

Turn, Flip and carry food like a pro! The E-Z Hook handcrafted food flipper replaces traditional BBQ tongs, cooking forks and barbecue spatulas. A quick flip of the wrist is all it takes to turn and flip food with ease! It will not scratch pans or collect grease like a spatula. Does not bleed or mark meats. The E-Z Hook has so many uses - you will wonder how you ever cooked without it! They are hand crafted entirely in Texas - where people know, live and breath BBQ! E-Z HOOK is a registered trade mark name for our hand-crafted cooking utensil and BBQ Hook -

Shipping Information:

We ship Priority Mail- Keep in mind , if it fits....it ships!

Refund and Return Policy-

REFUND POLICY: If you find a any problem with your order simply email us upon delivery with a brief explanation of the problem. Then ship the item back postmarked within 7 days of delivery. Refund will be made once item is returned. NOTE: Refunds are not provided for items broken in shipment. Refunds are made for the original purchase. postage is not reimbursed.

We will cheerfully answer any questions that you may have regarding order status or any other help needed.


POST ON FACEBOOK~ E-Z HOOK Fan – Q's in the SNOW!: Hookin in the cold!

"Friend: Tell me more about this EZ hook. I like hooks, and I like EZ

E-Z HOOK Fan It's an awesome tool I use to flip, put meat on and take it off the pit! I love it that it's so easy, won't scratch pans even to use it in the house - yeah I cook on electric sometimes.

Friend: Is it like a pigtail?

E-Z HOOK Fan nope its a .... E-Z HOOK- MADE IN TEXAS nothing against the pig tail flipper but the EZ has it beat in quality for the price.

Friend: Looks just like a pigtail to me. Is there a difference?

E-Z HOOK Fan quality. my pig tail tip bent and wouldnt stay sharp enough to use. I like the ez cause it's got a tip thats sharp enough and hard enough to get tossed in the drawer and still hook and flip food!

BTW Pigtail's are made in China. We hand craft every single hook ourselves here in the USA! "

“As if living here in paradise isn’t enough, we’ve found the perfect BBQ tool and more! Finally something to make grillin’ as easy as it should be and no more cleaning all those BBQ tools. When you’re not Q‘n, it works great for hookin’ those pesky socks behind the dryer! Mahalo from the Big Island! Aloha, Dave & Inge”

".....the hooks are inexplicably fantastic!"

"I received my set of three and immediately put them to use. They are great. I use the short one on virtually every thing I cook. Last Thursday evening I cook 8 steaks on the grill. The long one was perfect. The only problem was my guests wanted to steal my hooks."

"I purchased my first steak hooks at the Orange County Marketplace and now everyone wants one! Love them"

"I bought a small hook at the Santa Clara Art and Wine festival a few weeks ago. I just had to get more."

"Bought one at OC Marketplace works great! Need more!"

"I watched your video. The bit about using the hook on raw meat really made a point. Last night I cooked chicken and wished I had one for removing the raw chicken from the package without spread all of the "bad stuff". I am ordering today. In fact, I will be ordering the package with three different lengths. I can definitely see the advantage."

WE SAY ~ "You're Not Cookin' Unless You're Hookin'!!"

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